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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 10, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> gregg: we are waiting for the president to arrive at the white house very shortly for a major political show down set to take center stage a couple hours. welcome to a brand-new hour, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: the face-off scheduled to happen around 6:00 eastern time and hope is that president obama and congressional leaders can come to some sort of terms on ways to keep our government from defaulting on our debt before august 2nd. wendall goler has a look at the many hurdles both sides face. >> reporter: this meeting comes a day after house speaker john boehner announced he was giving up on the hope he and president obama had for a deal to cut up
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to $4 trillion from the deficit because democrats' continued demands to be higher taxes which is the same reason that republicans walked out of talks led by vice president biden over a deficit reduction deal half that size. president obama's longer i can was had a democrats would be more likely to go along with spending cuts and republicans with tax hikes if the overall deal was significant sig to truly bend the curve and put the country on to solve deficits. geithner thinks it's the right approach. >> you have to recognize and do the right thing. you have to do the most substantial deal as possible to be best for the economy. we're going to keep at it. >> reporter: as part of the big deal, speaker boehner has suggested to sunset upper income tax cuts that tax code would be
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rewritten but last night he told president obama and called it off. he released a written statement that read in part, white house will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes. best approach may be to focus on producing a smaller measure. they suggested the disappointing jobs report in june was a game changeser. >> it ought to insent visa us to do a big package without raising taxes but we're hoping the president is not thinking he was as six months ago and he was making the arguments that raising taxes in the middle of this recession or slowdown, whatever you want to call it was a bad idea. >> reporter: secretary geithner says $2.5 trillion out of spending alone would unfairly impact the elderly and middle-class and also be bad for the economy and slow down job
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growth. >> heather: we'll see what happens. thank you very much. >> gregg: the clock is ticking for a debt limit deal to be struck and maybe faster than many people think. white house aids say a deal must be reached by july 22nd. so congress could draft and pass a bill on time. if not, the united states could begin defaulting on obligations on august 2nd, that would be the very first time in u.s. history that would happen. congress has raised the debt ceiling 102 times since it was instituted back in 1917. ten times in the last decade alone. >> coming up later this hour, more on the looming budget crisis in washington. with gop leaders so far from a deficit cutting deal, just how much can really be accomplished during the white house meeting. we'll be joined by a panel of financial and political experts. >> heather: tense moments for a plane full of passengers after their flight is diverted base of a dangerous threat.
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united airlines flight from san francisco to frankfurt, germany landed in chicago overnight. here the scary situation, a sticker with a threatening message found in a bathroom by a crew member. the plane was searched, cleared and eventually allowed to continue to germany. just on friday, a united jet on the same flight route was force today make an emergency landing after a passenger locked himself in the bathroom eventually he came out but started fighting with a flight attendant. listen to the passengers describe the chaos and how they jumped into changes. >> after he had started the screaming and pushing. they came up and put me in a headlock. >> took him to the ground, handcuffed him. >> the pilot landed in cleveland and unruly passenger was taken away by police. >> u.s. fighter jets intercepting a pair of small planes over camp david
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presidential retreat. these planes were intercepted about seven hours apart, both escorted out of the protected airspace and a similar incident happened last week and another one the week before that, combined four times the planes had drifted in the zone in one month alone. all four incidents have occurred while the president was visiting camp david. >> heather: growing tensions between the u.s. and a key partner, fight against terror. the white house confirming a report of a "new york times" that the u.s. is suspending $800 million in military aide to pakistan. relations between the two countries took a major hit after u.s. forces killed osama bin laden in pakistan. that was back in may. those ties are on even shake yes, sir ground. peter doocy has more from washington. >> reporter: $800 million less. that is what pakistan is going to be getting us from military aide, getting shaved off the 2 plus billion, now the white
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house says is because they could be more helpful in rounding up terrorists and they gave hundred u.s. army trainers the boot in the last few weeks. >> obviously they have been an important ally but they have been a victim of enormous amounts of terrorism but they have taken steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were given to their military. >> the communication breakdown regarding our raid on their soil to kill bin laden, some critics say maybe they knew there was all along. brand-new secretary of defense, l leon panetta says we don't know enough yet. >> everybody has suspicions about pakistanis, what they knew reality is their are investigations being conducted by isi and try to determine whether or not there were
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elements of the pakistani military or isi that might have known about the compound. we'll have to wait to see what the results of that are. >> this week, president obama says he thinks it's important to give money to countries like pakistan but he says if he don't they could breed terrorists or make huge refugee flows. $800 million payment will not affect non-military aide. >> heather: peter doocy, you very much. >> gregg: bold assessment from the defense secretary, leon panetta, saying that the united states is within reach of defeating al-qaeda. he made the comments on his first trip to afghanistan since taking the post. david piper is in kabul with more. >> before leaving with iraq the new defense secretary headed to
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southern afghanistan to see for himself a situation there had speak on the troops. this is the area where most of the fighting has been taking place in recent years and where the majority of u.s. forces are. this is the first overseas trip being appointed to his new role and its key responsibility for pinetta. they have been upbeat about the prospected of defeating al-qaeda in this trip. he said if they can keep the military pressure and capture or kill less than 20 of the key leaders, they are operating in countries between here and afghanistan and north africa, they will have in effect strategically defeated them. it's after afghanistan prepares for the gradual drawdown of u.s. troops due to begin this summer. 10,000 are due to leave this year and another 23,000 in 2012. he has had a meeting in kabul with hamid karzai to discuss the drawdown and role of afghan
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forces when this happens they are about to take the lead in some areas, with nato forces handing it to them this month. he also said he hopes to drive the taliban to peace talks when the u.s. forces drawdown. it's key to keep the pressure up to give the country a chance of some kind of reconciliation. and speaking in kandahar, he said the focus of the trip is the handover of security to afghan forces but he acknowledged there remain, quote, a lot more work to do in materials of being able to transition the responsibility to them. afghan forces now number around 300,000 but very few of their units can act independently. back to you, gregg. >> gregg: david piper, thank you. >> heather: space shuttle atlantis linking up with the
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international space station important the last time. the final dock go to the orbital out post by a shuttle. it will retire after the flight. the last of the 30-year shuttle program. on its final journey, they arrived bearing gifts, four tons of supplies including clothing and food. >> america's brush with royalty coming to a close, duke and duchess wrapping up a tour in southern california. one of their final stops skid row arts school for kids of all ages. casey stegall is live in los angeles with more. explain the purpose of their visit to that school. >> reporter: this is all about philanthropy, children. they just left a short time ago, 15 minutes, me they pulled up right behind me and once again we were extremely close and was awfully exciting to see.
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brand-new video of that arrival. oncethey got here they were greeted by a small group of students holding a banner. inner city arts is an education center and low income families and the idea is to introduce them to the art. once they arrive they went to a classroom where 20 fifth graders were painting and the duke and duchess even putting on smoks and painted for about ten minutes or so. next they were off to a studio where they helped third and fifth graders construct a giant tortise out of clay. later they will be put in the garden. finally they dropped by a performing arts theater where the kids did a dance montage for the royal couple. then there was video montage and they were whisked away.
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for all they were there about an hour. no doubt it will be one of the biggest moments of these people's lives, up close and personal with the future king of england. >> gregg: now we know he a left-handed. that is nice piece of art. what is next to the agenda for them. >> reporter: they will be heading over to a job fair for veterans. we have done a lot of work about the difficulties a lot of our american war veterans when they return home from the front lines and have a difficult time reintegrating back into society and even getting jobs, employment opportunities. they will be heading over to a job fair specifically for veterans. again, another cause that is close to the royal family's heart. the military men and women. from there they will head on to los angeles international airport where their flight is scheduled to did he part united
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states and be headed home after a whirlwind three-day visit in southern california. prior to that was a whirlwind nine day visit in canada. >> gregg: it has been a busy time for the couple. thanks very much. >> reporter: a lot of handshaking. >> gregg: they met with veterans and even got a game with polo. >> heather: met with hollywood stars. >> gregg: who won the polo game. find out. >> heather: we are waiting for president obama to arrive at the white house right now. coming in from camp david for a rare sunday evening negotiation session with congressional leaders over the debt ceiling. we've got fox team coverage standing by. >> gregg: facebook isn't just about friending anymore, what your employers are prospective employers and what you should
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not do. we'll give you tips. >> heather: be very careful what you post there. remember her before casey anthony, there was the o.j. simpson trial that made marsha clashing a household name. now, the newest surprise verdict to stun america. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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>> heather: some of the top stories, no additional reports of japan's nuclear plant after a strong earthquake triggered a tsunami warping. it hit the same area devastated by the massive quake back in march. crews in india frantically
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searching for survivors. at least 31 people after a deadly train crash. individuals say the train derailed when 12 cars flew off the track. it's one small step for man and one giant win out at a california auction house. a swath of american flag planted on the moon is now going for the highest bidder. with unemployment at 9.2% and apparently rising there are millions of people out looking for word work. how do you present yourself on facebook or some of the social networking site could play a major role whether you get a certain job. what are prospective employers when they look at your page. joining us is cassandra, ceo of bell lock capital. career, i was looking at it today. they did a recent survey, 35 am
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of employers have admitted that they have decided thought to offer a candidate a job because of what they found on a social networking site about that individual and biggest turnoff was problem active inappropriate photographs. that doesn't surprise you, does it? >> no, it doesn't surprise me. i'm actually surprised it's only 35%. i think there is a growing consensus among employers to look at this type of social media that is available to them is getting a full picture of what the person they are looking at hiring might be like. >> gregg: what else? >> i think they are looking at things what kinds of groups are are associated. off color, maybe politically incorrect in some way. they are looking at not so much of showing that you might be drinking alcohol because most
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adults. >> gregg: but it shows a lack of judgment. >> it may if repeated over and over again, some sort of photograph or comment about something illegal, some illegal drug use. i think the biggest thing that they are looking for is what kind of employee are you going make and how respectable are you going be about your employer. have you made comments about a current employer on your facebook page. have you made comments about fellow employees that you don't like? all those give an insight what kind of loyal person you are going to be. >> gregg: i want to put up on the screen. did i more research of the recruitment sign known as -- here is the top ten turnoffs for employers. references to drug abuse. extremist views, criminal activity, evidence of excessive alcohol use. inappropriate pictures including
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nudity. foul language, lewd jokes, silly e-mail addresses. membership of silly groups. if you as an individual on facebook or any of the other sites employed the privacy settings, doesn't that prevent a prospective employer or from your own employer from seeing all this stuff? >> absolutely. it's really up to you to protect yourself. if you are out there looking for a job, you better make sure if you don't want to change your life and change what you are posting on facebook that you employ all those privacy settings you possibly can. otherwise stay off of there. whether or not somebody was attractive and had a face or not or taking that into consideration. i think that all of this points
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to the fact there is a high rate of unemployment out there and people who are really desperate to find a job have to be pro-active and it boils down to common sense. if you really want a job do what you need to make sure you present and have your best look forward. >> gregg: whatever page you use, as your resume to the world best face forward literally. all right. you are going to join us in the ex hour about a new banking procedure that may have hazards associated with it. >> heather: gearing up at the white house right now, president and congressional leaders are about to head behind closed doors with tough talks, tough to say the least on the debt ceiling and in past 24 hours, it sounds like one side is changing the goal of the talks. latest developments coming up. >> new details now on the plans
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>> gregg: time for the top of the news, the united nations official calling one of refugee one of the worst, they are fleeing the drought in east africa in search of food and water. >> betty ford will be remembered in a memorial service on tuesday in california. her casket will be transported to grand rapids, michigan an be placed beside her husband. >> dali lama at washington, d.c. his message is inner peace can lead the world to peace.
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>> heather: back to the showdown over the debt ceiling. 90 minutes a rare sunday edition at the white house. top congressional leaders sitting down with president obama. it is a high stakes meeting with both sides trying to make a deal on spending, taxes and entitlements. we actually have footage of president arriving in d.c. i believe we can bring that to you. after an overnight trip to camp david. a rare session happening. >> gregg: south lawn of the white house, marine one will be touching down moments from now. it's about half an hour trip from camp david in the maryland mountains in this is tape playback. he has already arrived and is inside the white house. >> heather: but he is there. what we don't know is what will happen, doug mckelway, where
4:28 pm
does that leave us after the debt talks fell apart last night? >> one of the remarkable things about the ongoing negotiations, about the grand bargain that apparently fell apart, england bargain that would have resulted $4 trillion in cuts, the president is going to sticking to guess guns. this is what top aides said. here is bill bailey the white house chief of staff. >> the the is very committed to solving this deficit problem for the future of america. he is looking forward to the meeting tonight to lay out once again his case. >> reporter: but the president is sticking to this plan that would increase taxes by $2 trillion over the next ten years. republicans are also sticking to their pledge of no new taxes. here is mitch mcconnell on fox news sunday. >> we have the.2% unemployment.
4:29 pm
their prescription is to raise taxes? i mean, my goodness, the president didn't think it was a good idea in december. why do they think that now? >> reporter: debt ceiling increase without commensurate cuts is non-starter as far as the republicans are concerned. there are 80 to 120 republicans in the house, many of them freshmen who came to washington after the last election on promises to cut spending and not to increase taxes. same holds true for speaker boehner. if he were to reneg on it would face a tough go of it on the house of representatives. >> heather: we have footage of the president arriving on the south lawn. we know the meeting is going to happen. one standard rule is that both sides, they have to give up something in the spirit of compromise. do you think that could happen
4:30 pm
here? >> reporter: the vice chairman of the house democratic caucus said on fox news sunday, everything has to be on the table in negotiation likes this. but he neglected to say that last friday, 70 of his cohorts in the house of representatives signed a letter in which they said, do not put social security do not put medicare on the table in these negotiations, quoting from the letter that they signed originally you to protect medicare, medicaid and social security by keeping these important programs off the table. so it cuts both ways. >> heather: we'll see what happens. thank you so much for joining us. gregg, you have a little more. >> gregg: we're going to continue to show these pictures. marine one come in from the south from camp david and land on the south lawn of the white house and then the president will step off momentarily.
4:31 pm
there is always a crowd of people, by the way, standing adjacent to the back entrance of the white house. they wave and shake hands. so we're going to continue to stay with this picture. at this meeting which is about an hour from now, congressional leaders, hour and a half, president is expected to make another course for a $4 trillion deficit cutting package, house 'speaker john boehner's team will counter with a $2 trillion deal. can we really expect any progress tonight? tim is former economic advisor to bill clinton and one time advicer to senate committee and scott tanszel, under george w. bush. scott, just before midnight, it surprised us, we got a flurry of e-mails and news releases revealing that speaker boehner
4:32 pm
was pulling out of in this potential reduction deal. what do you think happened here? did he cave in from pressure from conservative house members saying we're not going back any sort of revenues or tax increase? >> yeah, i think he really is showing right there, or the soccer team he is showing nerves of steel by sticking to his guns and focusing relentlessly on jobs and making sure that focus remains on jobs by not raising taxes. people like to to forget what happened sings or seven months in the elections in 2010 and whole new crop of republicans were sent to washington to draw the line and saying we're out of control spending. >> gregg: you say he is sticking to his guns. to the contrary. he backed off now. did boehner go too far when he
4:33 pm
was willing to let the bush tax cuts expire for the high income earners in exchange for other tax setoffs? >> no, think i it's all part of the negotiations. there is a lot of sausage making that goes on in washington. there will be things that some members don't like to have talked about in terms of cuts, whether republicans not wanting defense cuts or democrats not wanting cuts to medicare or medicaid or social security. everybody is going to have to come together. at a time when unemployment has risen third month in a row to 9.2% the prescription for creating new jobs in this country is not higher taxes. >> gregg: maximum you wonder if the speaker has lost control to the young bucks that were voted in. tim, if the president wants the debt ceiling raised and republican controlled house refuses to do it with any tax
4:34 pm
increases tied to that won't be the president be forced to ka partnership late with spending cuts only? by the way, what is wrong with that? >> i think they can certainly get to a short term spending deal, but that is really kick the can down the road strategy. what is so disappointing and irresponsible is the actions from yesterday, we have an historic opportunity to solve this problem for the long term. i think everybody understands what the final package is going to look like, it's increases in tax revenue and president has put a comprehensive package on the table. it's not that popular with democrats also but republicans are so scared of their base they can't even put any tax increases on the table, even things like special interest people. >> gregg: by refusing to close the tax loopholes for rich hedge
4:35 pm
funds, oil and gas companies making record profits, yes the tax breaks for corporate jet owners, aren't republicans handing the president and democrats a very powerful campaign slogan that your party is protecting tax breaks for very wealthy? >> the devil is in the details, gregg. hedge funds you mentioned that is tax issues that deal with venture capital in creating new jobs. we filled up with gas earlier today, gas is at or around $4 per gallon. taxing those oil producing companies is not the right prescription for an economy that continues to lag since president obama took office. i think republicans are going stand their ground and be opposed to those higher taxes. the problem is not that taxes are too low or spending is too high. >> gregg: i think both sides
4:36 pm
would agree with that. the president was reportedly willing to make cuts in addition to medicare, maybe even social security in exchange for new revenue. here from his own party how house minority leader nancy pelosi reacted. >> we're not going to reduce the deficit or subsidize tax cuts for the rich on the backs of america's seniors around working families. no benefit cuts in medicare and social security. >> gregg: isn't that untenable, if not irresponsible, no cuts whatsoever to programs that are running out of money? >> let me say first of all the president is the one who is leading the negotiations. the president is the one that has to make the final call. president is the only one that has a comprehensive deal on the table. i wants to go back to scott's pointed the problem in washington is about spending. the problem is washington is about the fact that people are looking ahead to the next
4:37 pm
election but looking to the 30 seconds sound bite. >> gregg: including the president? >> including the republicans, everybody and president also has doing the things that people elected to him do. >> gregg: with 35 fund-raisers, i wanted to make sure you were including the president, the group that care more about reelection rather than policy. thanks, good see i both. >> heather: beating the summer heat could mean hitting the road. at the nation's amusement parks your wallets could be the one taking the beating. jacking up the price of summer fun. this could be worse than ever. julie banderas is live in newsroom with more on this. >> julie: it's definitely worse which brings up a good point. some of the biggest savings can
4:38 pm
be made on staying at home, a stay cation, you can save hundreds of dollars by driving instead of flying but be prepared to pay a pretty price if your destination is a theme park. disneyland raised the price nearly 9% while disney world in orlando went up by 4%. orlando increased the price by 11%. one day passes they are up, too. orlando raised them by $3, disneyland raised by 4. it's typical to raise their prices in peak season but this year's hikes are higher than usual. they need to raise prices to keep up with costs but consumers trying to keep their heads up in a recession travel experts say local theme parks are the
4:39 pm
answer. >> most theme parks, the ones that are close to home have already set their prices for the summer. they shouldn't expect any price increases locally. they probably have heard some of the increases out of universal and disney as year round parks, they increase prices when they feel they can and this is the peak season. average adult price local theme park is about $40. 40% less than day pass to disneyland. another option is looking for discounts, local residents of the big three parks get special rates. expects advise buying on line and theme parks own websites for deals. so the word of the day is discounts. >> heather: thank you very much, you'll julie. >> gregg: we were wondering how prince william did in the polo match. duke of cambridge scored a stunning four goals to propel
4:40 pm
the royal salute to victory in the one day tournament. he played so well he earned a kiss on both cheeks from. >> heather: hopefully the princess. >> gregg: yes. she was the award presenter, more than the trophy. >> brutal outbreak of violence, more than 40 people were killed, what police say is fueling the killings. >> and marcia clark now weighing in on the surprise verdict in the casey anthony murder trial. you won't believe what she has to say. recommends the custom-fit orthotic that's best for your tired feet. foot-care scientists are behind it. you'll get all-day relief. for your tired achy feet. for locations, see thank you...
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>> gregg: wave of deadly violence erupting south of the border. more than 40 people killed in mexican cities, biggest was bar in northern mexico, a gunman killing 20 people. not clear what sparked the
4:44 pm
massacre but the high powered weapons suggest it was drug cartel related. city is known as a battleground for drug gangs fighting for control. >> heather: not guilty verdict in the casey anthony murder trial outraging many americans including the prosecutor in the o.j. simpson murder trial. we're talking about marcia clark she calls the verdict worst than o.j. stating that o.j. was a celebrity. does the argument hold water. bring in the power pan el. judy miller k.t. mcfarland, and kimberly guilfoyle. thanks for joining us. so marcia clark, blast from the
4:45 pm
past. what do you think. do you agree with her on this? >> i know marcia and i worked at los angeles district attorney's office. in many ways i think yes, but also compelling evidence in the o.j. simpson case it was new and novel scientific evidence that dna. they weren't sure. they thought was fantasy forensics as we saw baez argue in this particular case. the age, juries expect a lot and evidence fell short when i believe it did not. >> new ground was the smell, the smell theory. >> in this case i think the american legal system is based on the premise it is better phone one guilty person to go free than to take an innocent person and condemn them and execute them. so in this case, as horrifying
4:46 pm
as it is, i would have to say the system works. the example the one we talked about last week, dominique strauss-kahn and says he is guilty and he is terrible and turns out the woman that accused him is a liar. so at the end of the day the system isn't going to be perfect but i would rather err on the side. >> now the people to be questioning this verdict. marcia clark, isn't he is the prosecutor in the o.j. simpson case. now, he is saying -- oh, gosh the prosecutor didn't do a very good job. i don't think that is right. alan gerowitz says this is hardest thing to prove. this is what our system. i agree with alan, the system worked. >> heather: the statement that perhaps the jurors fell in to they confused with reasonable
4:47 pm
doubt with reason to doubt. >> they were thinking of it more possible doubt, beyond a shadow of doubt and that is not what the standard is. i do think the prosecution overreached in charging as a first. >> given the evidence involved here, i think it would have been smart. maybe next time. >> research, kids as young three they drift to their own ethnicity on the playground, not a surprise here. >> does it need a study to tell us that. >> you go to a person that speaks your language. this study was done in montreal that has three languages. >> it's taxpayer funded, stated the obvious.
4:48 pm
stagers conclusion. children are cursing. >> have been around a preschool and they curse and everybody looks at the parent. >> and it's really about, it more of a cultural thing in this study, it was talking about an asian culture. >> perhaps they are young and gravitate what is familiar to them, what they are accustom to this. makes sense, i understand who you are, you kind of look like me. it's very basic. i don't think there is anything wrong with it. then they learn and get holder and they play with everybody. >> heather: next topic, new study showing men reporting stress from work and family, it's called the male mystique.
4:49 pm
a study was done back in 1977, 34% of men reported experiencing this work-family conflict. now in 2008, 49% of employed men report this problem. >> duh! >> you need a study to tell you this. 30 years not that many women were working outside of home. they say traditional view of marriage, they come home and frustrated at home because the working wife is not putting up, archie bunker thing of give me a beer. >> plus, the female mystique. >> once again, it's one of the statements of the obvious. you wonder are they doing?
4:50 pm
we have over 9 am unemployment, men have to be worried about a lot of things. >> heather: we're not done yet. millions of us, we use facebook and facebook and twitter. but it's a shock go a new report finds kids a lot younger than facebook's own requirements are logging on and lying about their age. the parents they don't seem to have a problem with that. our panel weighs on that up next. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. 80% of people who have had heart attacks have high cholesterol. lipitor is a cholesterol lowering medication, fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke
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>> heather: millions of adults use facebook but its all the rage with kids who shouldn't be on the site. you have to be 13 years old to have an account on facebook but there are plenty of kids breaking the rules. some lying about their age. listen. >> i probably turned 18 or 19. >> i said i was born in 1993. >> heather: so when is young too young for facebook age? what do you think? >> i think it's a serious problem. your child is exposed to whole world. you would never let your child
4:55 pm
wander around in public and everybody could come up to them and what could happen in facebook. i think it's important, to have the family computer someplace where you can seat it. the problem is computer has become something, they think they are going to get smart. they putting the kids in front of the computer and how about it. >> or thinking they are going to be occupied. >> in terms of what you are going to do with your children with the computers that people that are on there. predators online and have appointed hours, an hour and a half where you are supervising the child and make sure what they are up to. >> heather: right, be a parent. >> so if they see somebody online, this or that, they will believe it other than you or i
4:56 pm
would say forget it. >> heather: and talking about a dress policy that is causing a stir at harrah's. policy for women versus men. it's drastically different. full makeup. and complimentary hair color. now, we have the male dress code you have to avoid visible tattoos and refrain from growing mutton chops. there is a woman she lost a job because she refused to wear makeup. >> she was fired for this. >> i think they ought to wear mutton chops. [ laughter ] >> the latest shade of lip gloss women should have the right to say, having appropriate
4:57 pm
appearance. >> you know what the policy is when you take the job. >> gender equality, you. >> and they say you have to be clean and well dressed. makeup there is room for everybody. >> and also the unemployment rate. >> we have natural beautys on our panel. thank you for joining us. >> gregg: i feel pretty and i am wearing fuel makeup, as well. >> lip gloss? >> a little blush. the clock is ticking for congressional leaders can they expected any progress on the looming debt crisis as they negotiate at white house
4:58 pm
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>> heather: a fox news alert. the president arriving at the white house just a short time ago for a critical debt meeting set to happen about one hour from now. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. i'm glad you're with us. this face-off is between president obama and congressional leaders and the main question on the table, can both sides come to terms on a deficit cutting package before the big august 2nd deadline? house speaker boehner says the complications lie in the president's push for a deal that includes tax increases. >> heather: senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is live at the white house. wendell, so is it back to square one just three weeks before the deadline to raise the debt ceiling? >> speaker boehner having ruled out a big deficit reduction package is a step backwards but not quite to square one since
5:02 pm
democrats and republicans had already agreed to about a trillion dollars in deficit reduction under talks led by vice president biden. still, it's going to be hard to get democrats to go along with more spending cuts unless republicans put some revenue on the table. they need to find about $2.3 trillion in deficit reduction in order to raise the debt ceiling by enough to get through the end of next year. as you say, president obama returned from a weekend at camp david just a short while ago. august 2nd is the deadline for raising the debt ceiling, but treasury secretary geitner says bad things may start to happen if they don't come up with an agreement in a little more than a week or so. >> america cannot get its account together, to figure out how to solve this problem. you'll see that reflected in higher insurance rates. >> analysts say a 1% increase in interest rates would raise the deficit about $100 billion a
5:03 pm
year and make the smaller deficit reduction package about 50% more expensive. heather? >> heather: about a week ago, pretty much everyone was saying a big deal was a good idea. so what happened? >> probably it was the friday jobs report and that 18,000 jobs created in june. a huge disappointment. and for republicans, it made the cost of a big deal hundreds of billions of dollars in increased tax revenue too expensive. here's the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell on "fox news sunday" today. >> i think it is because everything they've told me and the speaker is that together, a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation that's extraordinarily difficult. it's a job killer. terrible idea. >> mcconnell said it's actually an incentive to do a big tax deficit reduction plan, $4 trillion with no increased
5:04 pm
taxes. secretary geitner says to do that would not only be unfair to seniors and the middle class, he says it would hurt the economy and restrain future job growth. heather? >> heather: wendell goler reporting live from d.c. thank you. >> gregg: our nation's looming deficit crisis is sending ripples of concern all around the world and among those expressing deep worries, christine lagard, the new head of the international monday father fund. -- monetary fund. >> united states would default but clearly this issue of the debt ceiling as otherwise there would be a hike in interest rates, there would be, you know, a much heavier burden to be borne by all the u.s. taxpayers at the end of the day. it's real nasty consequences, not just for the united states but for the entire global economy because the u.s. is such a big player and does so much for other countries. >> despite her concerns, she's
5:05 pm
optimistic president obama and lawmakers will come to terms on raising debt ceiling before the august 2nd deadline. >> heather: just a reminder for you. we are less than an hour away from the start of the crucial budget talks in washington. that meeting will take place behind closed doors at the white house and stay tuned to fox news for any possible new developments on those talks. >> gregg: explosive video from the front lines in libya. anti-government rebels breaking through the enemy lines pushing closer to capital than ever before. on the battlefield and is now streaming live from mizrhata, leyland? >> it's easy to forget at times when you see us standing here in relative safety doing live shots that the front lines are just about 20 miles from where we are. this is a city under siege which means any ammunition, reinforcement of fighters or new weapons has to come in by boat and the commanders i talk to say
5:06 pm
they are now getting to critical supplies when it comes to ammunition but the fighters on the front line are trying to make up for it with their heart. often wearing just t-shirts and fighting in flip-flops, rebels begin to defend their latest front line. they've moved a huge amount of sand on to the road. and then backed up their pickups with machine guns to provide some cover against the incoming rounds that often land behind us. after every bang, these soldiers all yell one of their chants. "god is great" here as they're on the front lines. this is the tip of the spear. nobody has body armor. they are all taking incoming fire here. it is a fierce battle. the long desert road to tripoli tells the story of what they face, burned out qaddafi tanks litter the drive and far from
5:07 pm
camouflage tents, abandoned, bright blue pop tops mark where rebels used to sleep as they defended the ground many grew up on. make no mistake, every kilometer, every meter this front line moves is paved with blood and a number of these soldiers are out here fighting with their very own wounds still out here on the front lines, despite the fact that we're taking heavy incoming fire. since yesterday, the rebels have not been able to push any farther for two reasons. number one they say that qaddafi's troops have actually taken their positions up in the next town over next to all the civilians in that town are using them as shields and their scouts say they cannot safely try to advance in the town. the other reason is appears, gregg, the rebels are getting a little more coordination with nato and nato has said hold your position where you're at. where the front line is the red line. stay there and see if we can't take care of those heavy tanks before you send the rebel fighters in. you clearly just do not have the fire power to deal with
5:08 pm
qaddafi's heavy armor. back to you. >> gregg: streaming live from libya. thanks. >> heather: dramatic new signs that tensions between the u.s. and pakistan could be reaching a new high. the white house is now confirming that the u.s. will hold back some $800 million in military aid to the country. peter doocy is in washington for us with details. >> $800 million less. that's what pakistan will be getting from us, getting shaved off the $2 plus billion we give them for security assistance every year. the white house says they could be more helpful in helping to rounding up terrorists and they gave 100 army trainers the boot from their country in the last few weeks. >> they've been an important ally and they've been victim of an enormous amount of terrorism but right now, they have taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to their military. >> the apparent communication breakdown regarding our raid on
5:09 pm
their soil to kill bin laden really highlighted the tension in the u.s.-pakistan relationship with some critics saying maybe they knew he was there all along but our brand new secretary of defense, leon panetta tried to down play that saying we don't know enough yet. >> everybody has suspicions about, you know, the pakistanis, how much they knew what they knew. the reality is that there are investigations now being conducted by isi and by the government to try to determine whether or not, you know, there were elements of the pakistani military or isi that might have known about the compound so we'll have to wait to see what the results of that are. >> this week, president obama said he thinks it's important for america to keep giving lots of money to foreign countries like pakistan even though we don't have a whole lot to go around at home because he says if we don't, it could start breeding terrorists or creating huge refugee flows and one more thing, the $800 million payment
5:10 pm
that we're suspending will not affect nonmilitary aid. >> heather: thank you very much. peter doocy in washington. >> gregg: a very different kind of trip is wrapping up in southern california. duke and duchess of cambridge spending some time with young students finishing up their first west coast tour of america. the young royals making a stop at a very special skid row art school after brushing elbows with hollywood's elite. casy stiegel has the latest from los angeles. >> today it was all about philanthropy for the royal couple. today, a visit to the inner city arts right here, educational program in downtown los angeles designed to introduce the arts to children who come from low income families. when they arrived this afternoon, they were greeted by a small group of students with a banner where they were then ushered off to a classroom of 20 fifth graders where the duke and duchess put on smocks and painted with the kiddos in that classroom for about 10 minutes
5:11 pm
or so. next, they were off to a ceramic studio where they helped third and fifth graders construct a giant tortoise made out of play. they left their hands and signatures in slabs of clay that will be fired in the kiln later and put in the school's garden. finally dropping by a performance arts theater on campus where the kids did a 7 1/2 minute dance montage, also a video montage. total the visit at inner city arts was about an hour but it will certainly give memories of a lifetime for the students and faculty who got to meet and greet them up close and personal today. from this location, they are then headed to a job fair for american military veterans and then at 3:30 local time, 6:30 eastern, the pair will leave los angeles international airport headed back home. gregg? >> gregg: casy in los angeles. thanks very much. >> heather: the final flight. the space shuttle atlantis
5:12 pm
linking up with the international space station for the last time. it is the final docking ever to the outpost by a nasa shuttle ever. atlantis will retire after the flight, the last of the 30-year shuttle program but on its final journey, atlantis did arrive bearing some gifts. four tons of supplies including clothing and an entire year's worth of food. >> gregg: stunning first-hand account now of that deadly tour boat accident off the coast of mexico last week. at least one man died when stormy waters capsized the boats tossing everyone on board into the sea of cortez. right now, a rescue guard -- coast guard rescue crews are scrambling to find seven american tourists still missing. today, a survivor of that horrifying accident is speaking out. ken pritchard from our california affiliate has more. >> when the 115 foot fishing charter boat eric sank one week ago in the sea of cortez,
5:13 pm
survivor charles gibson said he felt strangely abandoned. >> it was surrealistic. i mean, i'm here and as i saw the ship pointed this direction it's like the titanic. it was slowly -- i could read the name as it went down in the water. >> gibson is chief of police for the contra costa community school district. he got a life jacket only after a wave that knocked him off the boat. >> a friend took his vest and a big smile and said charles, don't say i never gave you anything. >> gibson spent 16 hours, much of it alone swimming before he made it to a rocky island. he was exhausted. and he slept. >> i remember at one point waking up and seeing two guys over by the same boat where i was and i yelled to them hey, guys, watch out for those rocks! and all of a sudden, they got up and flew away.
5:14 pm
they were these big albatross birds but i was hallucinating. >> after he and the others were rescued, some said the crew of the fishing boat fended only for himself but gibson says he saw them help. as for the search that continued today, he holds out hope for the seven men still missing. >> i just hope they're somewhere on one of those islands out there. >> we hope they can be found as well. that was ken pritchard from our affiliate reporting. >> heather: our top story at this hour, we've been talking about the debt negotiations that are about to take place at the white house this evening. we'll have a live report on the new developments as the president and congressional leaders prepare to sit down. >> gregg: and it's one of the fastest growing trends in banking. it's called mobile banking. it's fast, it's easy. but it can also b a bit risky if you don't protect yourself properly. coming up, the dos and don'ts from an expert. dad, did you eat my jell-oudding?
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5:18 pm
>> it is t h>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. refugee camps are the worst humanitarian crisis facing the world today. they are fleeing the drought in east africa in search of food and water. former first lady betty ford will be remembered in a memorial service on tuesday in california. her casket will then be transported to grand rapids, michigan, and be placed alongside her husband at the gerald r. ford museum and the dalai lama attending a world peace ceremony in washington. thousands packing the west lawn of the capitol to hear the nobel prize winner, his message, inner peace can lead to world peace.
5:19 pm
>> gregg: all right. there are new concerns over banking on your phone. it's easy to do. it's catching on fast. google and other companies are even introducing a new product called digital wallets to bring mobile banking into the mainstream. you can bet on line hackers will be there to look at your wallets like a regular pickpocketer were. how can you keep it protected? author of the book "don't buy the bull", good to see you again, cassandra. this is how it works. your smart phone, you go to the checkout counter at a store and you want to buy something. you just pass your smartphone in front of a sensor and boom, it's purchased for you. but there are hazards to this. what are they? >> it is amazing technology, that's for sure. there are hazards from a privacy perspective that everybody needs to be aware of. first and foremost, if it was me, i could not be using it.
5:20 pm
i like using good old-fashioned greenbacks because that way i can keep track of my money and i don't have to worry about my spending being tracked by big brother. i think the biggest thing people need to be aware of is once you start using this technology, you are going to have your history saved. and ether or not google and others are telling us right now that they're going to be using this data before may not be the case but the reality is the data is sent out somewhere so they can cross reference you, sending you coupons. >> gregg: here's one of the usages. let's say i'm driving home and my smartphone sends a notification that i forgot my wife's birthday and by the way, i'll give you a 20% discount at the florist around the corner from where your car is right now. now, that sounds great to me. but you're right.
5:21 pm
they know everything about what i want. what i like. where i shop. how i do it and so forth, so you are giving up some privacy in exchange for incredible technology benefits. >> that's right. and so that's the tradeoff that every consumer can make for themselves of what they're -- what they are comfortable with letting go of as far as personal information. there are hopefully as these technologies roll out, there's going to be the opportunity to opt in as opposed to opt out. in the settings and that's something if you are planning on using it to be very aware of, to check those settings. >> gregg: yeah, for example, i just activated earth google on my ipad and i did have to waive, you know, the privacy setting, i don't really care if they track where i'm going because the benefit of being able to get, you know, locations from where i am anywhere in the world is really an incredible benefit. but look, for those parents who are still paying for their kids,
5:22 pm
it's a great way to track your kids' spending, isn't it? >> it is a great way to track spending. but there are other technologies that allow you to do that, too, just with regular on-line banking web sites. you can track spending anyway. so this is taking it a step further. and i think it's a step that people really need to think about, not only is it a privacy issue but it may encourage you to spend more than you really want to spend. and that's something to be aware of as well. >> gregg: these less transparent methods of paying for things kind of turn greenbacks into monopoly money if you're doing it electronically, right? >> absolutely. and i think it -- it encourages people because there isn't the psychology of handing physical money over to pay for something that is going to lead to more spending if you're not careful because it's just too easy to just swipe that -- swipe that smartphone across the threshold so i think it's important for
5:23 pm
people to really maybe test it out and see if it's something that works for you. >> you know, everybody's behavior is a little different. >> gregg: you can always get your smartphone to nag you, don't buy that latte from starbucks. don't call me, starbucks because i love your lattes. but i'm just saying. >> it could be like having another wife. >> gregg: i need that like i -- all right. cassandra, thanks very much and while we're talking about this, let's promote the fox news ipad app. it is free. go to and download the app. terrific web site. fastest growing in the nation and it's free, that's the best part. >> heather: something you mentioned, you would never foreget your wife he's birthday. >> gregg: nor her anniversary, our anniversary. generally ends up being her anniversary. >> heather: we are awaiting the arrival right now of top congressional leaders on their way to the white house for a very unusual sunday evening session. can the president and top congressional leaders finally reach a deal on the debt
5:24 pm
ceiling? >> gregg: and a new orleans twist in a 500-year-old tradition. the running of the bulls big easy style. again, that looks a little safer. also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights
5:25 pm
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>> heather: and now it is really the bottom of the hour, it is time for the top of the news. a united nations official calling refugee camps in northeastern kenya the worst humanitarian crisis facing the world today. the three camps held more than 4,000 people, all fleeing the drought in east africa in search of food and water. >> gregg: former first lady betty ford will be remembered in a memorial service on tuesday in california. the casket will then travel by
5:28 pm
motorcade to grand rapids, michigan, and be placed alongside her husband at the gerald r. ford museum. >> heather: no reports of additional problems, thank goodness at japan's crippled nuclear plant after a strong earthquake triggered a tsunami warning. the quake hit japan's northeastern quake, the same area devastated by a massive quake and tsunami in march. >> gregg: back to the showdown now over the debt ceiling. we are awaiting a rare sunday sitdown at the white house, top congressional leaders from both parties meeting with president obama hoping to strike a budget deal in their favor. doug mcelway is live on capitol hill with more. what's the latest on the negotiations? >> gregg, the debt ceiling talks apparently fell apart last night over what the democrats say is the republicans' refusal to raise taxes on wealthy. what the republicans say is their refusal to raise taxes on the job creators at a time of 9.2% unemployment. now, as this white house meeting gets under way in a little bit
5:29 pm
less than a half-hour right now, word from white house aides who spoke on the sunday talk shows today, the president basically is sticking to his guns. he wants to stick to this grand plan of $4 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years and $2 trillion in new taxes. here's timothy geitner speaking on television today. >> you can't ask middle-class americans, the elderly to bear all of the burden for those savings. and so he's proposed some totally sensible tax reforms that would eliminate loopholes and ask the wealthiest 2% of americans to pay a modest additional share of the burden. >> geitner says if you want to do that without raising new revenues then you're forced to make terribly painful cuts in entitlements and medicare, medicaid and social security. but speaking on "fox news sunday" today jim demint said geitner is being a little bit disingenuous and he's overplaying that august 2nd
5:30 pm
doomsday deadline of defaulting on the debt. here's jim demint. >> secretary geitner has been irresponsible. he's playing chicken little here. the fact is we will pay our debts if it's the last dollar we have. there are enough assets in social security and medicare to pay the benefits of those programs for several years. other programs can be funded from tax revenue. >> so it really is shaping up as another showdown at the white house tonight. i'm not sure that anybody has made any significant movement one way or the other from the point of which these talks collapsed last night. gregg? >> gregg: are democrats, any democrats really willing to make serious concessions, doug, on social security and medicare because that was the trial balloon that the white house floated. even the president talked about it yesterday. >> the president was willing to make these kinds of concessions until, apparently, he got a real earful from house democrats on friday. 70 house democrats signed a letter to the president in which they urged him to protect medicare, medicaid and social
5:31 pm
security. they said in that letter to keep those important programs, quoting now, off of the table. so not a good sign. this meeting, again, gets under way a little bit a half-hour from now. we're expecting the two top leaders from both parties, from both houses to be there along with the president of the united states himself. we'll see what happens. >> gregg: all right. doug mcelway on capitol hill. thanks very much. >> heather: a bleak economic forecast for the nation, the latest jobless numbers revealing that unemployment is now at 9.2%. and even president obama cannot deny that job security is nowhere near. >> we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do to give people the security and opportunity that they deserve. we've added more than two million new private sector jobs over the past 16 months. but the recession cost us more than 8 million and that means we still have a big hole to fill. the economic challenges that we
5:32 pm
face weren't created overnight and they're not going to be solved overnight. >> heather: fox news contributor and u.s. post contributor michael goodwin says this time it's time fort pep talk to be over. he wants to know when the president and his economic team will turn things around. thank you for joining us, michael. >> my pleasure. >> heather: when do you think it will be? you say in your article, you can't fool all the people all the time but barack obama is trying. >> i think what he's trying to do is really continue his policies. he hasn't made any concessions to the jobs issue. remember way back when in 2009, he was going to pivot to jobs as soon as he did the stimulus and then he was going to pivot to jobs as soon as he did health care and that went on pretty much for the first two years and, of course, towards the end of that, they got to dodd frank. none of these things have helped jobs and there's a big argument among employers and economists that each of those in their own way has stymied job growth, that
5:33 pm
the additional regulation, additional cost, the kind of takeover of the health care economy has not added to the jobs picture and i think that, you know, the old line that one definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result, well, it's also the definition of an idealogue and that's what president obama is doing. he keeps repeating it and now he wants to raise taxes. he's never found anything that he thinks is worth cutting except the defense budget. meanwhile, the debt as you've been talking about is in outer space now and it's a real threat to the future of this nation. >> heather: we'll talk about that a little bit more on that. people are pretty evenly split when you look at these numbers, whether or not president obama has been in office long enough to know if economic policies are working. you mention he's trying the same thing over and over but these people polled here, you know, 47% to 49%, yes and no. pretty evenly split as to whether people think he's actually been there long enough to know if these policies should work.
5:34 pm
>> right. look, i think for a lot of people, they don't like the idea of cutting the government budget. a lot of people receive benefits in one form or another from the federal government and that's the last thing they want to cut. in many ways, that's understandable but i think some other numbers in some recent polls that fox has done also show that the president's approval on the economy, on his economic policies is down around 40%, sometimes as low as 38%. so i think in general, the public while -- the public -- many people in america like the president, they don't like his policies and i think on the economy, he gets especially low grades. >> heather: yeah, according to david plouffe, though, his stake in the economy or the issue with the economy is not going to play a role at all in the 2012 elections. let's see if that holds true. >> i think jobs are going to be the key issue for most americans. >> heather: absolutely. absolutely. thank you so much for joining us, michael. have to wrap you up, though. but thank you. >> thank you. >> heather: reminder for
5:35 pm
everyone, you can read his column in the sunday "new york post." >> gregg: farewell journey now well under way high above our planet. the shuttle atlantis is docking at the international space station, the last shuttle ever to do so. in fact, the last shuttle ever to fly again marking the end of an era for nasa but the memories will live on through a rare art exhibit. fox news correspondent craig boswell has more. >> it's a rare art exhibition called out of this world. a collection of works created under the nasa art program that's been touring the country since late 2008. it's now displayed at the national air & space museum in washington, d.c. >> one of the neat ways to celebrate the anniversary of the agency was to do an art show that traced the whole history of nasa. >> in 1962, nasa administrator james e. webb invited a group of artists to illustrate the
5:36 pm
agency's mission and projects. renowned artist including mitchell jamieson and andy warhol have been documenting the extraordinary venture of space flight ever since. >> you really, really learn what the story of nasa is through the eyes of artists. >> faces and personalities of astronauts, scientists and engineers are portrayed in these works, the more than 70 works present a different view of nasa than the ones in history books or on news shows. there's a bittersweet reality to this exhibition. no artists were commissioned for the final launch due to budget cuts. >> sometimes we get donations to the art program and we're very excited to have them and we've had major artists donate works as well. so we'll see what comes in the future. >> gregg: craig boswell reporting. atlantis is scheduled to return to earth july 20th and there's a possibility that nasa might extend the mission, though, by one additional day. >> heather: spain's iconic running of the bulls drawing thousands of people to the streets today.
5:37 pm
no one was gored, that's the good news. in today's running but there were plenty of bumps and bruises. the mass of bulls trampling and injuring eight people racing towards the fighting ring and while you have no doubt heard of this event, you may not have heard of this one. did you also know that there's a traditional running of the bulls of sorts in new orleans? for the fifth year in a row, the big easy celebrated their very own festival. no bulls included here. instead, the big easy roller girls laced up their blades and donned horn decorated helmets. no reports of any injuries there. >> gregg: the one on the right seems a lot more tame than the one on the left. i've never understood the running of the bulls. do you understand that? >> heather: i've never done that. i'm a rollerblader but i don't don horns and red tutus. >> gregg: well, there's so much i could say about that. stunning developments in the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-khan. will prosecutors drop charges against the former imf chief? our legal panel weighs in in a moment.
5:38 pm
>> heather: and stunning video after a horrifying crash, this semi truck forced off the road slamming straight into a grocery store. >> he was just very scared. he couldn't breathe. he just got done saying, i have three children. i have three children. i don't want to die. well we're the two active ingredients in zegerid otc. i'm omeprazole. and i'm sodium bicarbonate. just one pill a day ... gives you 24-hour relief. & one mission. two ingredients heartburn solved.
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5:41 pm
>> heather: tragedy at a kroger's supermarket in harper woods, michigan. a truck crashing into the store, take a look, killing the driver. officials say this accident happened when the truck was hit by another car forcing it off the road and into the store. one worker describes the fear of another colleague who was unloading boxes at the time. >> come flying out rolling out the door and just landed on the floor and he was just screaming and crying. he was very scared. he couldn't breathe. his shoulder was hurt, he just got done saying i have three children. i have three children. i don't want to die.
5:42 pm
>> heather: a fire official said the vehicular area of the crash is nicknamed dead man's curve because the spot is known for accidents. >> gregg: is the case against dominique strauss-khan now dead? the former imf chief is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in new york city. right now, though, prosecutors are seriously rethinking whether they can even go forward with the case against him after learning the accuser was not honest about her background and a whole lot more. will they drop the charges? let's bring in our legal panel, host of live, and a defense attorney and former pros cure. kimberly, being the accuser in a rape case is tough enough. and it often happens behind closed doors. do those who cry rape falsely make it difficult for those who were truly the victims of sexual assault? >> you really nailed it there.
5:43 pm
that's so true. that's the headline for this because the cases are so challenging for victims to come forward and the violation that's happening to them, so many go unreported. you have a case like this where it appears that this woman has lied, she has a nefarious background and a lot of improper activity, of course, it has a chilling effect on others that might come forward and relate their case. >> gregg: david, you know, two famous cases come to mind right now. the duke rape case in which the accuser and we have a picture of her falsely claimed rape and ruined the lives of four young men and others on the duke team. she's now, by the way, behind bars charged with murdering her boyfriend. stabbing her to death. the kobe bryant case, the charges were dismissed after the accuser admitted lying to police. do these famous cases make it all the more difficult for true victims? >> absolutely. but i truly distinguish those
5:44 pm
cases, especially the duke case. the duke case was prosecuted and prosecuted and prosecuted for over a year. maybe two years where the d.a. knew that there were major, major problems with that case. at least here, the davme.a. van may do the right thing before this case gets into the true litigation phase of the case but obviously, false claims have a devastating effect. >> gregg: i'm glad you brought that up. kimberly, you're a veteran former prosecutor. was this prosecutor too quick to bring an indictment without properly conducting the important investigation of the accuser? >> yeah, especially given the amount that they don't want him to have bail and there was a big argument over that. yeah, you could say those words we've heard before, a little bit of a rush to judgment, rush to charge by the district attorney's office because you do have to know all the players in the case. sometimes, today's victim is tomorrow's villian so you have to make sure especially in a case like this that's high profile, you wouldn't expect it to happen in new york. >> gregg: in this particular
5:45 pm
case, strauss-khan, the accuser herself falsely claimed rape. she told authorities she had once been gang raped and then when pressed about it, she finally confessed and said, oh, it's all a lie, i made it up. does that make her current claim against this man right there difficult, if not impossible? >> i think it devastates the current claim but i think the issue as far as the d.a.'s office goes in this case is when did d.a. vance know about this situation? did he know about it as the arrest was taking place? from what i understand, there was a conflict within the d.a.'s office and there was a senior assistant d.a. that didn't want to make the -- >> gregg: relieved for purposes. >> in this case, it's different because would we have been able to extradite strauss-khan from france if he would have got on the plane and go. >> you see the point. when you have the conflict in the office, when the end game and your whole purpose is supposed to be justice, you must find out there's the truth of the matter in terms of the charge and you protect both
5:46 pm
sides. it's about winning but getting to the facts of the truth. >> gregg: in the abner louima sexual assault case, the victim spread some lies but they went after the cops who abused him and they won their case. in this particular case, the accuser in the dominique strauss-khan case, she may be a liar, kimberly, but she may also have been the victim of a sexual assault. >> well, we don't know. it's so difficult to go forward as she has real credibility issues. >> gregg: louima did, too. >> you're absolutely right. you can't excuse the fact that the sexual assault occurs. you're absolutely right. things have become incredibly more difficult. you know their case has gone completely south by the fact that he got released. >> gregg: there was so much other evidence in the case and massive amounts of injuries in that case. that case is completely distinguishable from this situation. >> gregg: there's no law. i want to switch to a slightly different subject, kimberly. there's no law that prohibits the media from disclosing the name of the accuser in sexual
5:47 pm
assault cases. the media does that on their own and there's a pretty good argument to be made that that is unfair because after all, the accused name is flashed all over the media. the accuser gets to hide behind anonymity. is that fair? >> remember we saw that as well in the duke case, but then things kind of went sideways in that case and everybody knew crystal's name as we discussed it here. i do believe in protecting those that have been at least allegedly the victim of sexual assault. it's very important because you have to be really scrutinized in your life, taken apart in the press. >> gregg: do you agree with that? i think there's a fine line. you have to protect the victims in these cases but at some point, full disclosure needs to take place. >> gregg: good to see you both. thank you. heather? >> heather: millions of americans take prescription drugs every day to stay healthy but some people, they take multiple pills a day and that maybe creates a challenge. ways to eliminate some of the confusion.
5:48 pm
[ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahd of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost ne, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve cause it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief oaleve in liquid gels.
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>> heather: nearly 1/3rd of americans take more than one prescription drug at the same time and more than 10% of us are taking at least five medications at any given time. and we can easily maybe get confused about taking them in combination, when to take what. is it time to standardize how
5:52 pm
doctors write prescriptions? well, here now with that answer, dr. edwin minata from ridgeview medical center. thank you for joining us. >> no problem, thank you. >> heather: this isn't really a new idea. this has been discussed before? >> that's right. we've already that kind of dosing kind of regimen already. and it is really more for the patient. and quite frankly, if it's just a little bit of a big problem that we still have to do because taking a pill, let's say, for instance, for a urinary tract infection, twice a day. i tell you, here's your pill for twice a day. it's every 12 hours. to some people, it's not the same thing. twice a day could be morning and in the afternoon. it could be morning and evening time. that's what we mean by standardizing the doses so that you understand when to take it. >> heather: we don't mean -- say you're taking one prescription that you have to take three times a day and another you take two times a day, you all of a
5:53 pm
sudden won't be taking that three times a day? >> that's right. it kind of son cobbconsolidatesu are taking. you need to talk to your physician. there's a team approach. there are drugs that i have an antibiotic that i can give you, it only doses twice a day. i know that you're on a medication that you take twice a day and you can take it both at the same time and that's about communication and also dosing as well. >> heather: really, it's a problem because a lot of people will get confused as to when they're supposed to take s something and as a doctor, you find your patients give up and they don't take what she should. >> they have all the best intentions but they don't treat themselves completely. for example, do you realize i give you an antibiotic for an infection and it's every six hours. you start taking it at 6:00 p.m. you know the next dosage is at 12:00 midnight. >> heather: no, i'm the worst patient ever. i will stop taking and i'm supposed to take it for another
5:54 pm
week. i feel better. >> that's a big problem. you can get a lot of resistance to bacteria as we have experienced it with mrsa and the flesh eating kind of bacteria, we've experienced those things. we want you to make feel better. >> heather: and our brain room that we've mentioned a couple of times today, they did a little bit of research for us. the last 10 years, the percentage of americans should get one prescription drug and increase from 44% to 48% and the use of two or more drugs, that increase is 25% to 31% but we are taking more medications. maybe this is the time that we should reassess and put these new standards into practice. >> absolutely. but emphasize the fact why are we taking new medication and why are we taking so much of it? so again, it's a team approach between the physician and the patient. first of all, to get you better because most people that take five drugs at a time, it's because you have a chronic condition. is it not? diabetes, high blood pressure, what are we doing for you? what are we doing as a team, you
5:55 pm
and i? >> heather: well, we would hope, overmedication do you think that's happening? >> i think there's a lot of it as well. it's because the patients also -- all of us want a quick, easy fix. just like you said. did you finish the antibiotic that was prescribed for you? you come back two weeks later, doc, i don't feel good. that's a little bit of that and also communication and also lifestyle. isn't that important? if you travel a lot, let's say, for example, you're on the other -- across the pond, as we say, when are you supposed to take your medication? those things that we have to learn how to listen, us as physicians to you. >> heather: ok, speaking of learning to listen. some people will hear only part of this. we're not advising they take it upon themselves if they're taking five medications and to readjust when they take them, right? >> that's correct. it's about communicating with your physician and emphasizing that team approach. >> heather: thank you so much. good information. thank you. >> gregg: and maria shriver is not wasting any time.
5:56 pm
the soon-to-be ex spending her millions. find out what she's buying. we'll show you a picture next. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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>> heather: we have the first pictures of maria shriver's new digs. the former first lady of california buying a new home after her split from former governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria's new mansion is in upscale brentwood coming with a $10 million price tag. it's an 11,000 square foot home and the reason it looks like this, it's being renovated, of course, from top to bottom over the next three months. it has eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, three car garage, gym, theater and a wine room. >> gregg: when you get $20 million from a divorce, what's $10 million? drop in the bucket, right? we're keeping an eye on an even bigger house than that one, the white house. there it is. the meeting between the president and congressional leaders set to begin any moment now. we've been told eric


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